Photographing the Jack J Hutchinson Band & The Outlaw Orchestra with Two Finger Media

The worst gig I ever photographed, dodgy sound, dodgy bass players, hostile crowds, flying bottles – every photographers worst nightmare; this was not. A Night in the life of Two Finger Media.

Will Carter of Two Finger Media

Will Carter of Two Finger Media

The expectation of this Landscape Photographer when asked to accompany Will Carter (Picture Insert) of TwoFingerMedia (Facebook). The challenge thrown my way, was to see how I did in his backyard; a dedicated professional gig photographer and media promoter. 

It wasn’t an easy time, but a feeling inside me kept pushing me into accepting this challenge and gain an insight into this world as a music photographer. Not everyone wants to shoot the big stars, not everyone wants to freelance for a magazine and not everyone wants to go on tour, but then again?? Thanks to Will for giving me the opportunity to have a go…

My new found respect for the Band, who were keenly supportive and all around great artists, don’t forget to give them your support.



The Outlaw Orchestra Gallery Pics coming Soon…


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