Delicious Chloe Valentine Poster 3


This Delicious Chloe Valentine Poster 3 is ready for you to frame and position in your home. A delightful and colour rich image full of the essence of a perfect Model and a smouldering pose. The portrait Art Print is a high quality landscape premium lustre paper print ready to frame. The beautiful Model, Sensual Chloe Valentine.

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About the Delicious Chloe Valentine Poster 3

This Delicious Chloe Valentine Poster 3 is ready for you to frame and position in your home. A delightful and colour rich image full of the essence of a perfect Model and a smouldering pose. The portrait Art Print is a high quality landscape premium lustre paper print ready to frame. The beautiful Model, Sensual Chloe Valentine.

Wall décor comes in many shapes and forms. Discover art posters that reflect your personality and match your style. Once you’ve chosen your favourites, you can select the right size.

Art Print Details

Printed on 300gsm Premium Heavyweight Lustre paper with a brilliant white surface.
  • A3
  • A4
High quality, ready to frame or display.
Colour repre­sen­ta­tion is only as accurate as the web design process allows. Screen Colours often vary slightly from that of the final print image.
"Improving the impact we have on the environment is a key focus for us going into 2019. We already had measures in place but we’re always open to ideas or suggestions on how we can do better. Our DTG printers use ink that’s OEKO-TEX certified, which means they contain no chemicals which negatively impact or harm the environment. The inks are water-based and because we use DTG there is less waste than other garment printing methods. From November 2018 we also donate and garments that don’t pass quality control to charity, which as well as helping our local community does reduce the amount of waste we dispose of. Our mailing bags are made from 100% recycled materials. We have reduced our plastic consumption over the last 6 months and have also committed in 2019 to further reduce the amount of plastic we use in our packaging. The use of bubble-wrap/­garment bags are necessary for us to prevent in transit damages, and ensure the product reaches our customers in the condition we expect. However, we are continuously looking at improving this further with more envi­ron­men­tally friendly solutions. We offer a range of organic garments through Continental Clothing, they have been GOTS (Global Organic Standard) certified since 2007. They offer an EP (Earth Positive range) which is made from 100% organic Indian cotton and their FS range (Fair Share) which has been running since 2016 and aim is to provide a living wage to the workers in its factory in India; a percentage of the garment price is allocated to go directly to these workers in their monthly wages. The excess waste we do have in cardboard and paper is recycled; we do where we can reduce the amount we use but this waste is unavoidable and we do what we can to prevent this having a negative impact on the environment. As mentioned before, it is a key focus of ours to improve our carbon footprint and environmental impact over the next year, and we’re always open to new ideas so feel free to get in touch with one of the team if you’d like some more information.­"
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About Our Art Prints

Art prints can be printed using a number of different printing methods and on a variety of different print materials. These factors, including the quantity that is made available for printing, contribute to the final price of the art print.

At, we work to bring you the best possible images, printed at museum quality standard. To achieve this, we have carefully selected the most suitable combination of print materials and methods of printing..

What materials are used to print art prints?

The material we print on is important for creating effect and has been carefully chosen for compatibility with our digital printers in order to reproduce your art prints to the highest possible standard.

About Jason Reading Photography

This will be a short ‘Jason Reading Photography’ bio as I always find myself lost for words when I have to write instead of speak. I guess that’s one of the reasons I love photography; it allows me to convey stories without the need of words.

Jason Reading Co-Founder of
Jason Reading

My Introduction to Photography

When I was a young boy my Dad had a Pentax Asahi camera. We had stacks of photo albums and slide cases. Every time we went on holiday it was followed by an obligatory showing of slides to family and friends.

Dad was quietly proud of his camera and his photography skills, and over the years his camera grew into a large bag full of lenses, flash gun, Cokin Filters and various other gadgets. He also acquired a tripod and remote trigger cable.

I showed a keen interest in his camera; after all it was a piece of ‘tech’ that my Dad revered and it just seemed like a great thing to me. This was when he started to teach me how to use it and how to take a good photo.

Growing Up

I learned how to use my Dad’s camera well and understood many aspect of photography from his teachings. My own camera, a little Kodak Instamatic, took somewhat less wonderful photographs, lacking the controls and any ability to choose lens or zoom. I found as went onwards that I just didn’t believe in my cheap little instamatic and couldn’t be bothered to go through the cycle of buying film, taking shots and then paying to get the film processed. This is where my efforts of photography went into hibernation.

Digital Photography

Technology moved on and digital cameras started to make it onto the market. I found my self looking into the window of a camera shop and noticed they had a digital camera that was just about affordable. Technology had solved my biggest photography problem… getting the film processed. I just had to buy that camera. Two hours later I was sat at home admiring my brand new Kodak Digital camera. It was two megapixels and actually almost the exact same thing as my long since lost instamatic that I had stopped using.

After much use of my little digital camera I concluded that it ate batteries for breakfast, had an absolutely terrible lens, still had almost no controls and also failed to inspire me like my Dad’s old Pentax had.

Better Kit

I carried on with digital cameras buying slightly more affordable models, all of which were digital compacts. Still I harboured the dream of buying a proper digital camera and finally in 2011 I found myself in a large electronics store looking at a Canon EOS 600D (actually the US version, the Rebel T3i). Once again I found myself with a new piece of kit. This was the point where I connected the same way my camera as I had my Dad’s. Now my camera, like Dad’s became a large bag of lenses, filters, flash, trigger, gadgets and all the rest.

Photography to me

Simply put, I aspire towards photography that makes people stop, look and  consider what they are looking at. If they then walk away with something valuable in their head it all becomes worth it. My favourite types of photograph are portraits and shots of people that have impact, depth, purpose and story. I also have a great love of beauty shots, technical shots and even enjoy the odd landscape and wildlife shot too.

I just want to take photos that cause the eye to linger and mostly I seek to achieve this by putting effort into the composition, care to lighting and then much post processing to achieve the exact look, feel and depth I seek.

Becoming Professional

With a strong desire to use photography as an income I have paid attention to my photography style. In order to achieve the results I sought I moved on to using a Sony A7 Rii high resolution digital mirrorless camera. My selection of lenses now cover most requirements although I don’t believe I will ever have all the lenses I want!

I find myself practicing and improving my skills at every opportunity. Post processing software now is responsible for the larger part of every commercial image these days, so I make effort to continue learning how to get the best results I can from Lightroom and Photoshop every step of the way.

I am now building my portfolio with photographs that I can feel proud of just like that quiet pride I saw in my Dad all those years ago. Join me on Purpleport and follow Jason Reading Photography.

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