Perfect Mugs for Hot Chocolate, tea or any Hot Beverage

Treat yourself to a classic and fantastic mug with a bonded distinctive photograph from our web shop. Customers are guaranteed a super quality sublimation print selected from our photograph collection. Therefore, purchase that perfect gift you know, will be appreciated.

Furthermore, the variety of mugs available for purchase, are solely available through phototrinity.com. Customers can certainly be guaranteed that the photographs on our Mugs, are taken by us, processed by us and finally, made available to you. So, as a result, our customers can be assured that the pictures are distinctive, unique and not taken from a photography stock website.

Key features

  • Microwave-safe – Mug can be safely placed in microwave for food or liquid heating
  • Dishwasher-safe – Suitable for dishwasher use
  • Care instructions – Suitable for dishwasher use or wash by hands with warm water, dish soap

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