Gallery Wall Creation Tips for Your Home

5 Great Tips for Constructing That Perfect Gallery Wall in Your Home

A gallery wall (or gallery walls) makes a truly beautiful addition to any home because they add so much depth and warmth that make your room infinitely even more interesting. The appealing thing about them is that there are so many different ways to create one, therefore you need to put the appropriate amount of thought and effort into it. Here are some practical tips for creating a gallery wall that’s perfect for you, your family and your home

Gallery Wall Ideas
Gallery Wall Ideas

1. Find the perfect wall space.

A huge empty wall in your home is often a great spot to hang your gallery wall. That being said, it’s not the only place you can put it. It can look great near a fireplace, above the bed, around windows and doors, near kitchen cabinets, above the crib in a nursery and more. They’re perfect for homes and apartments of any size, likewise even small spaces as they beautify rooms without taking up room on the floor.

2. Choose the right photo or Image prints.

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you get started.

  • What theme am I going for with my prints?
  • Am I looking for one that’s uniform, or would I find it more interesting if there were some mixing and matching?
  • How many pieces do I want to hang up?
  • Do I want to add other decorative items aside from photo prints (e.g. clocks, souvenirs, mirrors etc.)?

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3. Use the floor and stencils.

Once you have a few photos, canvas prints or images and items that you think will look good together, how will you arrange them on your wall?

Take a large piece of craft paper or newspapers and put them on the floor. Put your pieces on top of it. Move them around the pieces on the floor until you find out a layout that you’re happy with. As a result, trace each of the photo prints and items and cut out them out. Using painter’s tape, stick these stencils to the wall in the desired arrangement. Use a tape measure to get the spacing right and a level to make sure the stencils of the prints are aligned.

Finally, taking these steps will save you from hanging them up in the wrong places. You certainly don’t want to waste time doing that!

Gallery Wall Art Ideas
Gallery Wall Art Ideas

4. Don’t be afraid to go off centre.

Speaking of arrangements and layouts, certainly don’t be afraid to have your focal piece (if you choose to have one) hanging to the side of the center. That’s not to say that hanging it in the middle is a bad thing, similarly, consider different layouts where the focal point can be off to the side. There are certainly many different combinations you can try out.

5. Let it grow, let it grow!

A gallery wall doesn’t have to be static; becuase like all things in life, it probably will evolve and change over time. You can add more canvas prints, framed prints or other items to expand the gallery wall, or even switch out old pieces for new ones. Above all, the only limit is your imagination.

There are countless ways to show off your art, in a creative and unique manner. Why not try something a bit different, to add a bit more “oomphf” to your home décor?

6. Furthermore.

Don’t forget, the possibilities of what you can print on canvas are endless — family portraits, wedding photos, panoramics, and digital art. Consequently, most people don’t realise that the ways to display your canvas prints are also almost endless.

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