Free Desktop Wallpaper

Why the Free Desktop Wallpaper?

Simply, we had to start somewhere😊  The Free Desktop Wallpaper is our first product line which takes us outside our normal photographic services.

Brighten up your desktop or home screen with a photograph

Getting a free desktop wallpaper and adding it as your background can be a great way to completely change your workspace from dull to fun.  Desktop wallpapers inspire, amaze and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Our desktop wallpapers below are all free and on a ton of different subjects. Whether you want to celebrate a holiday, nature, or a celebrity, you can do it all with these free desktop wallpapers.

Free Desktop Wallpaper


It Provides you with some of our images and allows us to expand. Of course, we also need to prove to ourselves that the webshop works securely as we would expect.

We could have just posted all of them in one go, but what fun would that have been?



Thank you for visiting phototrinity.com.  Show your support by downloading our free wallpaper.  Be sure to check back often for new amazing photos.

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