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Resolution & Aspect Ratio

Resolution & Aspect Ratio Chart for Wallpaper/Computer Screen Backgrounds We currently offer the three most common sizes of wallpapers/computer screen backgrounds. If your size is not available, use the chart below to determine what your screen’s aspect ratio (standard, wide or HD) is and select  the recommended file size from our Gallery. Which Wallpaper Size […]

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The Winter Tree Journey

The Story Behind the Winter Tree Photograph Those that know me, know my three passions in life, Walking, Photography and my beautiful family. The story behind this photograph (The Winter Tree Photograph) is one of passion and pain in equal amounts. A week after what was supposed to be a simple walk along part of […]

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Why for Photographs & Images

Why for Photographs & Images Throughout our lives we have searched for that elusive independent route to express ourselves creatively. During a chance meeting back in 2010, we both discovered it in the form of a shared passion; photography. This journey to producing photographs started for us when we were very young, each with our […]

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Free Desktop Wallpaper

Why the Free Desktop Wallpaper? Simply, we had to start somewhere😊  The Free Desktop Wallpaper is our first product line which takes us outside our normal photographic services. Brighten up your desktop or home screen with a photograph Getting a free desktop wallpaper and adding it as your background can be a great way to […]

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